Wednesday, March 6, 2013

IWSG - It's On!

Last month I said I was going to be disappearing for a while to work on a new project.  Today I am here today to tell you it's in full swing.  I have spent the past month compiling background information from various sources and organizing it in a way that works for my crazy brain.  I have taken this week off from work and spent all my time so far diving in.  It's amazing how much I can do with such a big block of time alone.  I'm in the deep end and loving it!

To summarize the experience, 2 statements come to mind...

Starting is the hardest part
My biggest challenge has always been getting initial ideas to stop floating around on my brain and getting them down on a page.  It sounds easy enough but when I sit down to write, I always feel as if everything comes to be at once.  That leads to a massive overwhelming feeling and it ends there.  It has taken a while but enough of the initial work is on paper, and now it is so much easier to move forward.

Don't look back...always forward
Although this is a popular mantra, for me at this moment it's an important one.  The nature of this project is working into the future.  If I spend too much time making comparisons or referring to the past, I will lose focus on what and why it's important.  Focus is key!

Has anyone else struggled with getting started and moving forward?