Wednesday, October 3, 2012

IWSG and Whale Wednesday

I took a 10-day "stay-cation" at the beginning of September.  I was able to get a lot of writing done and the inspiration was rolling in.

Then, the inevitable came.  I had to go back to work.  Not only did I have to go back, but I had to catch up on everything I had missed for the past 10 days.  Since all of our work is done monthly, it still had to be done by the end of the month.

I was so overwhelmed at work that I lost my momentum.  I had nothing.

The last small fiction piece I wrote during that period has potential.  I want to expand on it.  I was able to get an honest critique, which I am forever grateful for.  

I love the support I get from bloggers but sometimes I wish everyone wasn't so polite.  Sometimes I need brutal honesty.  

Nothing lights a fire under me better than telling me I'm not good enough or I can't do something.  That is the guarantee I need to get it done.  This has come with years of my dad, a former band director, telling me I will never make it unto whatever group I was auditioning for, etc.  I always made it because it made me work.

So, in the future, tell me what you really think.  I want to know.  
And, one of these days when I am back on my feet at work I will finish that piece.  I'm getting there.

Does anyone else work like this?

In whale news this week

Sea World is in the hot seat again.  According to Huffington Post, Nakai, an 11 year old male orca, was injured by two other whales during an evening performance at Sea World San Diego.  Nakai has a serious, dinner plate sized gash on his lower mandible.  It is so deep that you can see the bones.  

PETA has filed a complaint claiming a violation of the Animal Welfare Act, which regulates that they are required to house orcas who are not compatible in separate spaces.

According to Sea World officials, Nakai is receiving antibiotics and veterinarians are pleased with the healing process of his wound.

My thought is that if Nakai wasn't in captivity and had room to get away, this probably wouldn't have happened.

In dolphin news

Sea World Orlando and the Miami Dolphins have announced a multi-year marketing agreement.  The new slogan is "Sea World, Where the Dolphins Play".  Gag!  This deal will include special deals on Sea World tickets and stays for Miami Dolphins fans.  I think it's sickening.  Just another way to capitalize on the exploitation of captive dolphins.

In Taiji

Last Thursday, the Japanese fishermen were able to lure a pod of pilot whales into the cove.  They were kept overnight and slaughtered on Friday.  With a typhoon over the weekend, they thankfully have not had any luck since.  


  1. Heather, I really like your energy.

  2. I hope you find your way back to your writing soon. I had a long hiatus from my WIP and it took awhile to get back to it, but once I did, it felt wonderful.

  3. Happy IWSG Wednesday! Can I just say that work sucks the life out of me? It steals my creativity, a fact that makes me very resentful. Stupid work. :)

    Best of luck getting back on your feet. Hey just think, if we manage to get writing done when we're working full time, what could we accomplish if we ever got to WRITE full time!!! It boggles the mind :)

  4. Try to find a crit group on, Critique Circle, Absolute Write, or many of the other free writers' sites on the net. You'll find honest criticism on a writer's site along with others to get advice from, commiserate with, etc. Good luck!

  5. I work the same way as you, Heather, as soon as someone tells me I can't, I'm like "I CAN, DAMN YOU!!" I hope you find a good, brutal critique partner :)

  6. So buckle down and get it done!
    Sorry, that's as harsh as I get.

  7. It's tough when work gets in the way of writing, during the week I usually get very little done. To be honest if I try and write in the evenings my brain is usually mush and the writing sucks so I've learnt to stick to blogging and research etc during the week.

    I'm here, Heather if I can be of any help with the feedback just let me know. I'll try and be honest without being too brutal! Hope you get your inspiration and energy back real soon.

  8. There's always

  9. Just stopping by to say hi from the IWSG :)

    I often worry that people are just being nice when they comment on my work. But i do have 1 person who is brutally honest with me, and that really helps :)


  10. Hell yes! Tell me I CAN'T, and I'll kill myself proving you wrong. Brutal honesty can be inspiring -- BUT no random reader's criticism rings so true as your own impression of your work. We are writers -- we know in our hearts of hearts whether we've done something wonderful or horribly vile. If you're confident in your work, chances are your readers will be too.

  11. Well, you know I'm not polite in my feedback; but I'm well meaning.

    I know where you're coming from. I have a day job too, and I don't see me giving it up in the foreseeable future; I like my job. But, the more demanding the day job, the less I write, and the less I write the more frustrated I get. I think of giving up. And that thought freaks me out too, adds to the pressure.

    Heather, so of us just have to work through the angst of life and sometimes just say "whatever!" Do what you can to juggle it all and sometimes take a break and say "I deserve this".

    You're getting there. You've got dedication, drive, and a stout heart for accomplishment. I know you will make it all work out. Not at the snap of a finger; but it will be satisfying to you.

    I'm sending you an e-mail to respond to some of your comment from my blog post today.


  12. Get a crit partner you can trust. Have you tried

  13. I have those days too and hearing people talk about theirs help me feel better. I know I am not alone and I know that it too will pass.

  14. Hey Heather, you know what it takes to write - determination! There are always obstacles to overcome, but make it work for you. I'd like to encourage you all I can. Our little 400 words for RFW are what keep me plugging away...

  15. You should put in your posting that you welcome critique. I have read postings that many don't critique unless the writer specifically asks for it somewhere in the posting. :) Great whale post this week.

  16. This reminds me of the story when my husband first took me skiing. After I had fallen down a few times, I asked him to pick me up. For some reason he didn't want to climb all the way up the mountain to get me. I got so mad that I yelled out, "So you don't think I can ski do you?" I got more upset when he didn't respond that I managed to hoist myself up to ski right down to him. Sometimes we just need that extra motivation. You can do it Heather! Julie

  17. I'm a little like that myself. Not sure if it's perverse or good for the soul but I never let go if somone appears to be doubting me. You go girl! You'll get there...

  18. I hear you. Now and again there are busy periods that drains my motivation to write. I just want to go home and smack a pillow, you know (in the going to sleep sense - not that take my aggression out on a defenseless pillow sense). It doesn't last forever, however, and you can get back on track. And thanks for joining my blog. I gave you a Shout-Out today. :)

  19. I know writing can be so frustrating but there's no way to get a piece of the prize without continuing on. I try to tell that to myself many times. Easier said than done but I know it's true.

  20. As regards critiques, I prefer honesty to banal lip-service, though I do hope it's delivered respectfully (which is how I try to deliver a critique). You know, it's the difference between saying, "This is crap," or more helpfully, "That bit right there didn't work for me because {insert reason}." Know what I mean, jellybean?
    Mina's Resurrection Blogfest!

  21. Respectfully, constructive critique are invaluable. I wouldn't have two books otherwise. As for the whales, I grew up near the aquarium in Vancouver and saw some spectacular animals, but they've done the right thing by stopping the practice of animals in captivity. You're right, they need the space to protect themselves. Hopefully, someone realizes that soon. Hi, Heather. It's nice meeting you. I'm #192 on Alex's list.