Friday, March 2, 2012

Person Centered Planning

Today I finished another training of Person Centered Planning for my peers at work.  It has been a very good two day with many fresh ideas.  Such a refreshing change from the daily grind!

I started this training two years ago when I was asked by our state agency to co-train with the state trainer.  Although flattered, I am by NO MEANS a trainer but the material speaks for itself so I am more a facilitator.

The premise is to write a PERSON CENTERED plan for the individuals that we serve.  The different sections include:
What I want in the next few years
What I want this year
What I want now

What I want in the next few years would include your dreams for the future.  Ponder this thought for a minute...  When we hit a certain stage, so many of us become stagnant and comfortable.  How boring!
When I first started training this class, my goal was to write a book.

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What I want this year would be the "baby steps" towards achieving that goal.  The current baby step for me would be to complete the A - Z challenge.  That would give me practical writing experience to improve my writing skills.

What I want now could be something that has been needed for a long time and never seems to be happening.  For me, that would be quiet time.  Am I the only one that stuggles for this?

Non-negotiables could be anything in our life that we cannot live without.  For me, one thing would be COFFEE.  You aren't going to get much out of me without coffee.

So here you have it.  A two day training in a single blog.  If someone were to write a plan about you, what would it include?


  1. I like the fact that your plan is realistic and do-able...
    Coffee a non-negotiable? I'm in the same position at the moment... drinking waaay too much coffee... though I'm trying to change this... don't know how...

  2. I know how to break the coffee habit - drink it while in the throes of food poisioning. I did this over the weekend, and right now I'm not sure I'll ever drink coffee again.

    Anyway, I wanted to stop by and tell you that I finally did see your email about tagging me. My gmail put it in spam so I just now saw it. I'll be posting about it soon!

    And this is a great exercise! For me, the long-term goals are definitely finding an agent and getting published. This year's goal would be finished my current wip and getting it ready to query.

  3. You're not the only one - I'm struggling for quiet time big time right now. But I've come to accept that it'll just have to wait a month or so. Coffee non-negotiable---I didn't even drink coffee before having kids, but now I'm right with you on that one too. And hey, every once in a while the news reports some health benefit of coffee drinking.

    I'm off to read your A to Z post, but first I want to tell you that you have made my WHOLE week by not only reading my short story, but giving it 5 stars on Goodreads. :D Thank you! I'm so happy you enjoyed it.