Wednesday, November 7, 2012


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Insecure doesn't even begin to describe how I have felt over the past few weeks!  I have had difficulties posting even the shortest post lately, much less work on any WIP.  The only thing I have been able to do was continue with Whale/Dolphin Wednesday posts.  

I enjoyed writing these posts but it got to be that there was much more that I wanted to write that I couldn't fit it all into one weekly post.  For that reason, I decided last week to start a new blog, Ocean Advocate

Starting a new blog took up all my time and energy because I did a good bit of self-promotion.  I have never felt good about self-promotion, so that has been difficult for me.  I have done some shameless plugging of the new blog lately.

The good thing that has come out of this are:
1.   Ocean Advocate   allows me to write about issues that are very important to me as often as I'd like.  It gives voice to the animals that I feel strongly need to be "heard"

2.  I can go back to regular blogging here also (time permitting) in all it's "randomness"

3.  Ultimately, it cleared my head from feeling overwhelmed and not doing anything about it.  Now I'm overwhelmed with two blogs but at least I'm making progress

The questions are:

Is it too much?  Will I be able to keep up?
What shameless promoting have you done?  Did it work?

I've missed you all and I look forward to catching up soon.  Have a very awesome November!

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  1. I li9ve on an island, so of course the ocean and it's creatures are important. I'll check out the new blog. I don't really self-promote, not my style, butr hey whatever works.

    Only you know if you can keep up.

  2. I think you will cope with two blogs, Heather because I know this is something you feel passionately about. Your passion and enthusiasm will steer you and fuel your creativity. And remember writing for your blog is still writing so you can work your writing muscles here.

  3. Only you can answer that question. You'll know when you hit your limit. I have my blog and posting duties at the A to Z Blog, plus the IWSG. That was my limit!

  4. There are moments when I think my facebook author page is shameless self-promotion, but I keep it up anyway. I have my blog, my two novels that I'm working on simultaneously, and I'm jumping around with a number of smallish fests in the next few months. I think I'm at my limit, and possibly a bit beyond it.

  5. Yay for the new "Ocean Advocate"! I can tell how much that topic means to you. I don't think you're overextending yourself, and remember there are no prizes or penalties for being a prolific blogger. Just make yourself happy and proud doing what you love. :-)

  6. Keeping two blogs will be hard work I guess but anyone with the right drive and passion can do and succeed at whatever he likes. Proud of you!

  7. Good for you going after something you feel dedicated and passionate about. I agree with Lexa; there are no rules to blogging. Just stay true to you. :)

  8. Hi Heather
    For whales there is no shame in promotion. But I do know what you mean by shameless. The reality is, if you don't tell anyone they will not know. So go forward. As to whether you can handle it, that depends on your other obligations. As Alex shared recently, organization helps.

  9. Hey, getting practice w/ shameless promotion of your new blog will be very helpful for when you get your books out in the world too. And btw, it doesn't come off as self-promotion, more like something you're passionate about that you want to share with us.

  10. Those pictures in your book site are horrible! Good for you that you are doing something for a very worthy cause. Keep the shameless self-promotion! =)

  11. I hope you can handle it. It takes work maintaining more than one blog. I had to find my blogging rhythm with just one. It's still time-consuming, but less so. I'm sure you'll find yours.

  12. writing is writing! and you're doing something you love. go with it!

  13. I have more than one, and haven't been to the other in several months. :( You have a passion for both writing, and helping to save the whales so you probably won't have a hard time having more than one blog. Maybe you could plan certain days for both so you don't get a burn out! Both are great!

  14. Good job on the Ocean Advocate blog. Things will sort themselves out and you'll learn your new path.

    Happy Weekend!

  15. Hi Heather .. yes - well done on doing what you want to do - that's the important thing .. and you know we're around ..

    Good luck and have fun with the two blogs .. cheers Hilary