Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Balance is something that I always strive for but seem to have a never-ending struggle with.  This week has been particularly challenging.

After my glowing appointment at the cardiologist last week, my blood pressure completely tanked over the weekend.  Saturday I thought maybe I was just tired after a busy week but after a 6 hr nap on Saturday afternoon, I had second thoughts.  When I was ready for bed at 9:30 that night AFTER the nap, I knew something was wrong.  Yep, my blood pressure was extremely low.

Sunday I decided to take it easy and stay home, checking BP throughout the day and it remained low. 

Monday I got up to attempt to go to work and soon decided it wasn't going to happen.  I did not trust myself to drive, although I did manage to stay awake all day.  I called my cardiologist for some direction.  After leaving a message and waiting for a call back, I told the woman (I have no idea who she was because she wasn't my normal nurse) what was wrong.  She said she would talk to the Physician's assistant and get back to me "in a few minutes".  About an hour later she called and ....
my phone froze and I couldn't answer the phone!  AGH!  Cell phones!!!  By this time, their office was closed and the answering service would not put me through.

The alarm went of Tuesday morning and there was NO WAY I could even attempt to get out of bed.  Why did I feel so HEAVY?!??!  That was my worse day yet by far.  I left another message with the cardiologist office and at 2:45 while taking a nap from my lazy day, she called back.  The magic answer?...STOP taking one of my medicatons.  Really???  I have taken it for 12 years!

I have my doubts but I am trying it out.  So far, I feel slightly better today but I still think there is something else underlying going on.
For now, I am trying to maintain BALANCE (with my health, work, and all other aspects of life) 
What do you struggle with to maintain balance?  Sleep?  Finances? Obligations? Family? All of the above?

Monday was also going to be my big day of guest posting on the A To Z Blog Challenage site. As it turned out, that was rescheduled until February 14. Although I was trying to gear up, all things work out for the best and I am looking forward to a big day next week. So, before celebrating with your special someone, or however else you celebrate, stop by and say hi.

And I hope you all join me for the Tumble 4 Ya blogfest on Friday


  1. Ack, sorry for all of the medical trouble!! :-/

    I have so many things to balance--family, homeschooling, writing, editing (for myself and others) publishing, Taekwondo classes, getting kids to their extracurricular classes, housecleaning...

  2. WOW, it sounds like you keep busy. What's your secret to balancing it all?
    By the way, I was in Taekwondo years ago. I loved the discipline!

  3. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I need more help in the balance department myself. (stopping in from the blogaholic hop). I hope your health issues resolve soon, because I know it must be frightening and miserable.

  4. I wouldn't feel comfortable with that answer about the medication either. I hope they/you find the answer soon! Take care. :)

  5. Thanks! another appointment today with no answers and another med change. Frustrating but I hate to whine so I'm just trying to stay positive :)