Saturday, February 25, 2012


As expected the 110th anniversary of the Georgefest was a lot of fun.  The parade was preceded by a "Dog run" where dogs of all shapes and sizes made their way downtown.  It was a perfect day for them with 60ish degree weather and a breeze.

The main event was an hour and a half long full of politians, pagent queens, policians, bands and local businesses promoting themselves.  All of them had candy!  Even the children around us were tired of running into the street after their bags were already full.  It was good to see the dentist giving out frisbees and the school board giving out pencils ( I wonder if they were #2???)

The parade was followed by the rest of the festival, which all took place on the water.  Great fun and great crowds!  It seemed as if a fun time was had by all.  They did it again!

Here are some parade highlights...

It's George himself!

And Abe was there too!


Tonight we will return to rock out to the 80s with a local band.
What is your hometown famous for?



  1. What fun, Heather! Our hometown is famous for it's wine and for its annual balloon stampede - oh, and its sweet onions :)

  2. I'm a military brat, so I don't really have a "home town", but where I live now seems like it has a festival every weekend! :)