Tuesday, July 31, 2012

PhotoPrompt Monday

Photo submitted by Delores at thefeatherednest

I've been a slacker with PhotoPrompt Monday for the past few weeks so I thought I would give this one a go.  This is an excellent picture Delores!

Alice felt sick as the train approached the station.  She was so excited that Warren was finally returning home, but after all these months she wondered if things would be the same.  He couldn't have taken that temporary job at a worse time.  He had been gone for about as long as they had been together.  Would he still love her?  Would he accept his newborn son?

She held the baby close, rocking him to help relax them both.  She had wanted to tell Warren about him, but she didn't want to give him a chance to run before he could meet his son .  Hopefully he wouldn't be able to turn away once he saw that sweet, innocent face.  He unmistakably looked like his father, that wide nose and scrunched eyes.  

As the train came to a halt, she thought about leaving.  It would save her a lot of trouble in the long run.  
Just as she started to turn, Warren came running off the train, stopping when he saw her holding the baby.  She looked into his eyes, not knowing if she should reach out to him or turn away.

"Who's this?", he asked as he approached her with a smile.

"He's your son, Warren Jr.", she answered, watching for his reaction.

"Well, hi Warren", he cooed as he took the baby into his arms.

Alice instantly relaxed, handing over the baby and giving him a hug.  Yes, everything was going to be ok.