Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ultimate Sacrifice Chap. 1 review

Today is the release of Madeleine Maddock’s book, Ultimate Sacrifice, written under pen name Madeleine Sara.  Here is a review of Chapter 1.  What an amazing start!

Lyndsay feels her world shatter when she receives devastating news that her boyfriend, Ben, has been seriously injured in war.  As she sits with Ben’s mom, Glenis, to hear the news, all she wishes for is his survival.  She has been staying with his parents for the past few weeks to feel closer to Ben in his absence.

They listen as the soldiers explain what happened.  They call him a hero, but tell them that his best friend, Colin, was not with him at the time.  Lyndsay reflects on their relationship up to this point.  She remembers the day when he told her it was his childhood dream to enlist, the fateful day that he did enlist, and the day he announced that he would be going to Afghanistan. 

When she asks to see him, the soldiers explain that he is in surgery and she cannot see him until they know for sure that he will pull through.

My heart immediately broke for Lyndsay.  She seems fully dedicated to Ben and will do anything for him.  In these times where we have been at war for 8 years, this is a common scenario.  Many families have sacrificed their loved ones to the tragic circumstances that come with war. 

My boyfriend was wounded in Vietnam and has suffered further consequences later in life.  Although I did not know him at the time, I am reminded of the long-term effects. 

My neighbor just yesterday went to visit his grandson before he will be shipped off to Iran.  Our world is in crisis and it is soldiers like Ben that give us the freedoms that we are so blessed to have.

The opening chapter of Ultimate Sacrifice left me wanting to continue on to find answers to so many questions left.  Will Ben return alive?  What will his future hold?  Can Lyndsay deal with an inevitably difficult future together if he survives?  What role will Colin play in their future?  I don’t know, but after reading the first chapter, I want to find out!

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  1. Congratulations Madeleine!!!

    Sounds like a great book!

  2. Sounds like that opening chapter definitely did it's job! Sounds like a very timely read, and I really like this idea of reviewing just the first chapter - it's such an important one.

  3. Oh bless you Heather, that is so lovely. Thank you for the wonderful review and the very moving account of how your own life has been touched by war. Thank you for a lovely launch post and Bombshell entry.

    Thanks also to Tyrean and Nicki for your lovely comments.

  4. Great into review Heather! And I agree with you about the stress, trauma, and emotional impact that wounded veterans and their families have to deal with -- it's hard to know that so many of the young men and women who bravely served this country are the ones who have to continue to carry that burden long after they've come back home.

    I thank your husband for his time served and salute you for being there to support and comfort him.

    I also wish the best for the grandson of your neighbor (and I suspect you meant 'Iraq' -- at least I hope you did. Iraq's bad enough, but Iran would sure as Hell not be a safe deployment for any US military personnel to be shipped off to).

    1. Thanks Chris. Our neighbor's grandson is going to be on a carrier off the coast of Iran. Close enough to me!

  5. Awesome! Definitely a great review. The book sounds phenomenal!

  6. Chris I agree that war is so very difficult for all concerned.

    Thanks Leigh, Bless Heather for her wonderful review.

  7. This book is going to resonate with so many who have been through this heartache. Great review. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the book.
    Go Maddy!

  8. I downloaded my copy today. Have you? I want to find out what happens after Chapter 1 :)
    Thank you Madeleine for the opportunity to share in your big day, and thank you to Tyrean, Nicki, Chris, Leigh, Denise and Alex for joining the party!

  9. Hi Heather,
    This is awesome. I have been interacting with Madeleine for quite some time. A darned good writer and a very nice lady.
    Really good of you to bring further awareness of the release of Madeleine's book.
    All the best to you, Heather and to the lovely Madeleine.

  10. Sounds like an intriguing opening. Thanks for sharing Madeleine's book!

  11. It's great to get drawn in the very first chapter! Hope it continues to be a page turner for you.

  12. Many thanks Jennifer, Michael, Gary, Alex and Denise for stopping by and commenting. Heather's review is wonderful.

  13. Hi, I'm a new follower here. I found you via a search on Madeline's book. Nice to meet you.

  14. Excellent review Heather. And thanks so much for sharing how it resonates with you. War brings tragedy to so many lives. I'm sure Madeleine will describe this throughout the writing.