Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The River People by Kristen James

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And now without further ado:

Review of The River People by Kristen James


The River People follows River- Song, her father Chief Sits-and-Thinks, and the rest of their village down the river to participate in their annual summer games.  This is the time that they meet up with the other villages and young women are paired up with their matches to marry.

River-Song missed her chance with Walks-with-Pumas last year and she had been looking forward to winning him over all year.   In the meantime, her father is aging and looking to her to take over the village as head chief when he is no longer able to do so.  River-Song and her father are met at the summer games with “New Braves” who showed up at their village.  River-Song and her father negotiated with the new braves and accepted them as part of their village.

Would River-Song win over Walks-with-Pumas this year?  Would she be able to lead her village?

What I liked

I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  It combined the culture of the Umpqua Indians with basic human nature of family, food and festivities.  The new braves brought a special twist to the story that kept things interesting.  I loved how River-Song progressed into a woman and a leader.


  1. Sounds good. Do you know what age it's intended for?

  2. Thanks for that, Heather. Interesting post.

  3. I have the same question as Tonja about age.

  4. Looks like for kids? Just guessing.
    Free on Kindle is good - will get my wife to download those.

  5. I asked Kristen herself and she said she marketed the book for Middle Grade, YA and a classic for all ages. I have to agree. It would especially be appropriate for YA in my opinion since that would be around the age that River Song is in the book. Thanks for asking

  6. Hi Heather! Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. This sounds like a unique coming of age story. I'm intrigued that River-Song could become chief! Very cool. Thanks for the review!

  7. I love it when I can learn something about another culture while reading a good story. Thanks for the review. :)

  8. That sounds like a very interesting book.
    I agree with Nicki; it's great to learn about different cultures through a good read!

  9. Sounds like a book worth reading! I can appreciate stores of leadership and becoming! Great for coming of age teens and older!