Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Upcoming Hops

I hope everyone had a very Happy Memorial Day.  We braved Tropical Storm Beryl here in FL but it brought us some much needed rain so we can't complain.  I was sent a picture that says all there is to be said about Memorial Day.

I had so much fun participating in Cherie's Flash Fiction Bloghop last week that I have signed up for some more.  Check these out to join the fun!

So what about was your Memorial Day?  Will you be joining any of these hops?


  1. I'm trying to cut down on the amount of hops I'm participating in during June, cause of Camp NaNo, but these look so much fun. It's very tempting. I might just have to join in some of them :)
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Cutting back this summer so I can focus on my next book.

  3. Thanks for including How We Met! Can't wait to read your story!

  4. I can sum up my Memorial Day with one word. RELAXING! :)

  5. My Memorial Day was nice and fairly quiet. Thanks for mentioning the other blogfests going on.

  6. I edited one of my WIPs, but still snuck in some relaxation time.

    I signed up for the first two blogfests. There are other blogfests I want to sign up for, but I don't want to be blogfested out. They are fun, though.