Friday, August 31, 2012


This is my first attempt at 100WCGU at Julie's Place.  What is that, you might ask?

"This is a weekly challenge for those who are over 16 and enjoy challenging themselves with writing. Each week you are given a prompt. It may be a few connected words, a selection of individual words or a picture.
You have 100 words (or the number that have been set for that week) plus the prompt to write a creative piece. If you have a blog, post it on your blog then link the URL of the post (not the blog) to the link that is at the bottom of that week’s challenge. Make sure there is a link to The Head’s Office as well. You can right click the badge above and copy the image URL into your post."

You can find the link for this week's challenge here.  
This week's prompt is:  ...being clear is essential to...

Here is my entry:

My head being clear is essential to my sanity

When my thoughts are jumbled, my life is jumbled

Pulled to and fro

Do I stay or do I go?

I squint in the fog to find my way

Suffocation threatens, I’m weighted down

Just when all hope is lost

The clouds break free

The sun shines bright

Illuminating my brain

As if thawing my thoughts

Clarity resumes

Vision becomes sharp

Sanity returns


  1. I love how you lead us through one mood into another just as the imagery suggest clouds into sunshine. Bravo!

  2. Great piece, love it! I sometimes wish we could 'download' our minds to free up extra space.

  3. Excellent. I am afraid I am at the bottom of a well these days.

  4. WOW Great posting and definitely true.

  5. Excellent - and so true! Some days my brain just refuses to co-operate and the next day it's as though the sun has come out! :-)

  6. I can really relate to the ideas in this poem...though I've needed a bit of help breaking up the clouds. Rock on, Heather!
    Some Dark Romantic

  7. Great 100 words Heather. I felt the tension. Have a great weekend.

  8. I like your linking your mental clarity with a clear sky.

  9. Excellent piece, very well written. x

  10. Nicely done! Oh what a good day when the "sun shines bright" and "sanity returns."