Friday, August 17, 2012

Shop Local

I have been wanting to get more involved with local writers and today I finally made some progress.

A week or two ago there was a write-up in our local paper about Dianne Venetta.  Dianne lives in the next town over from me and has just released her third book, Whisper Privileges.  I contacted her on her website and received a note back asking if I would like to help her promote her books.  

She sent me some promotional items including bookmarks, recipe cards and seed packs.  (Dianne also has a gardening blog at )  When I told her my plans of going by the book stores and libraries on my end of the county, she offered to send me books to donate to our libraries.

Today was the day!  My first stop was at our local book store.  Their book club just happens to be reading her first book, Jennifer's Garden, in the next couple months.  They invited her to come to the meeting and to do a signing in their shop. I am reading Jennifer's Garden also and so far I am thoroughly enjoying it.  I plan to attend this meeting and join the book club. 

I still haven't met Dianne myself but I plan to attend a signing that she will be doing in the next couple weeks. I have thoroughly enjoyed helping out a local author and meeting new people in the community.

Dianne's books are contemporary and romantic fiction.  Check them out!  They can all be found here on Amazon.  Her garden blog is very informative also.


  1. How brillant, Heather. I would love to meet some local writers it must make the whole business of writing seem more real when you can chat to someone face to face so I hope you get to meet each other soon. Keep us posted!

  2. Going local, that's very good!
    I do the same, although with food and other products and produce... Not really the same, but same concept though :)

  3. This has got to be one of the better ideas I've heard about book promoting on any blog. Good for you for doing this and may millions (or at least hundreds) follow in your footsteps. Direct sales promo is the best method of all and what a great way to build a network.

    Tossing It Out

  4. Great ideas for book promotion (and how clever, to include seed packets to promote her book!). Rock on, ladies!
    Some Dark Romantic

  5. Hey Heather, hooray for swimming books and for supporting local authors! That's great. I love all things swimming but I had to admit the blurb on Goodreads was a bit confusing for Whisper Privileges. I am a romance fan though so I added it to my TBR shelf. I hope you continue to enjoy Jennifer's Garden.

  6. That's so great! Book promotions always seem to work better when they come from someone other than the author.

  7. Great posting and what a nice idea, especially on the shopping local idea! :) Most of my friends are kindle readers, so most of my Facebook page is promoting books and links to Amazon. :) When I get a heads up from a blog follower on their books, I put the link on my FB page. :)