Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Whale Wednesday

So Sad!  I have mentioned before that I grew up near Orlando and have been to Sea World many times.  It used to be one of my favorite places to visit.  I would get teary eyed watching the whales, dolphins and other animals.  Such beauty and power!

In recent years, I have changed by views about whales in captivity.  Basically, I don't think they belong!  I've done a fair amount of research on the treatment of these animals in captivity in order for them to "perform" and on the cruel and unnatural environment those tiny tanks are for them.  

With more of these animals being brought to the forefront our our attention due to trainers being hurt or killed, I'm hoping this is the end of the era for these animals to be in captivity.  For Kavna, she spent her entire life held captive.

Kavna, the oldest captive Beluga Whale in North America, died on Monday at the Vancouver Aquarium at the age of 46.  Although it is thought that she died of natural causes, a full necropsy will be done to determine the official cause of death.  It is reported that most belugas in the wild only live to 25-30 years so she exceeded expectations.

Kavna first came to the aquarium in 1976 from Churchill, Manitoba.  She gave birth to a calf in 1977 who died a few weeks later of infection.

Kavna was also the inspiration to the song "Baby Beluga" by Raffi.

 RIP "Baby Beluga"


  1. We have a Sea World in San Diego that we go to once a year. I love that place. We should buy season tickets. Sorry to hear about Kavna. They are truly amazing creatures.

  2. Nice posting and I had never thought about animals in captivity until your posting. I have only been to the National Zoo once, in junior high. Enjoyed reading your post!

  3. There's something strange about whales being in captivity for that long.. I always thought that most of the whales that are held in captivity are mostly held for rehabilitation and then later released back into the wild unless they think it may be detrimental towards the animals' rehabilitation. This is just really strange Kavna being in captivity for that long. My heart goes out to you as I find it equally depressing. While it is very nice and entertaining to see such animals up close and personal and my little guys love seeing the animals at the zoo.. it's still sad to see the way they are treated most of the time.

  4. They shouldn't perform. Never thought that was right. Kavna lived a long time.

  5. Beautiful animals. I saw dolphins swimming in the sea on my recent holiday and it made my heart flutter to see them skimming the water.

  6. Oh I so agree Heather, it does seem so unnatural. Like shutting birds behind bars.

  7. Although I hate to see animals in captivity, I think in some ways it enables people to have an appreciation of these magnificent species and encourages governments to enact laws to protect them in the wild. If it wasn't for conservationists, many of these animals would no longer exist.

  8. I'm not a big fan of going to zoos for the same reason. It's sad.