Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympic Spotlight

I have tried to stay away from blogging about the Olympics since it seems that it is already widely covered, but I can't go without mentioning Oscar Pistorius, AKA "Blade Runner".  Oscar is the double amputee who has made Olympic history.  A true inspiration!

After doing some research on his website,,I found that Oscar was born November 22, 1986 in South Africa without a fibula in each of his legs.  His parents consulted with doctors who advised that having the amputation done before he learned how to walk would be less traumatic and increase his chances of mobility later in life.  Six months later he received his first pair of prosthetic legs.

He grew up in a sports-mad family and lived an active lifestyle in younger years playing cricket, tennis, wrestling, and boxing with his main focus being on waterpolo and rugby.  In June 2003, at the age of 16, he shattered his knee playing rugby.

On the advice of his doctor, Oscar began running track to aid in his rehabilitation.

For the next few years, Oscar continued to set new records and win several competitions.  He also began a long battle against the IAAF - International Association of Athletics Federation who felt that he had an unfair advantage.  REALLY???  

In May 2008, the court finally decided that he was eligible to participate in IAAF events wearing his prosthetics.  In March 2011 he ran inside the standard time of the Olympic Games and World Championship.  In September 2011 he won a silver medal and became the first Paralympic athlete to win a World Championship medal.

Although he didn't make the finals in the 400m, he has inspired millions just by being there.  He won the gold in my book!


  1. I think it is just amazing. Can't believe they think it gives him an advantage.

  2. Just shows that people will complain about anything, especially when someone's succeeding and they're not. He is an inspiration!

  3. I saw him being interviewed on the Today Show yesterday. Even though he lost, he was thrilled that he had made it that far. He is a champion in every way.

  4. This guy is so inspirational, he was the topic of the sermon at church on Sunday! Thanks for more info on his background.

  5. That's awesome! He is incredibly inspirational.

  6. It was amazing seeing him compete. He had the true Olympic spirit.

  7. It was amazing seeing him compete. He had the true Olympic spirit.

  8. A agree, he is amazing and deserves to compete and win.