Tuesday, September 11, 2012

PhotoPrompt Monday

Photo submitted by Delores at thefeatherednest

I'm so bored!  Where's Shaggy?  Where's Scrappy?  

I just wanted to relax for a minute when some kid shot me with that stupid laser-looking thing.  I thought it would give me Superpowers but instead I can't move.  It seems like I've been here for hours, just waiting.  I'm stiff...and hungry.

To make matters worse, people keep touching me.  Some are even sitting on me.  Ouch!  

The shade has moved away and it is getting really hot too, burning my paws.  I can't even hang my tongue out to pant.  I'm surely going to die lying here if nobody comes to get me soon.

Oh good!  Here comes some guy getting out of a truck walking towards me.  Maybe he's going to help.  He's picking me up, but I still can't move.  Now I'm being set into the bed of his truck.  Perfect if I was able to enjoy it but NO...I'm just entertainment for the poodle back here.  Oye!


  1. He does have a contemplative look in his eye. I may never look at a statue the same way again.

  2. I didn't read the title and got a little confused when I started reading. :) My mom has a stone pug in her yard - that's the only way we can pick out her house from the other nearly identical ones.

  3. Oh Scooby Doo where are you? Cute story, I hope he gets turned back again. I love your new blog look for Autumn, Heather.