Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Whale/Dolphin Wednesday - The Good and The Bad

The Good…

The four remaining pilot whales from the massive beaching off the coast of Florida were moved to Sea World Orlando for further rehabilitation last Wednesday.  One male and 3 females are now being held in a quarantine pool.  One is reportedly so young that it doesn’t have teeth and is thought to have not been weaned yet according to Mike Boos, the VP of zoological operations for Sea World.  He says they will attempt to nurse the whales to the point where they are able to eat on their own.  At that point, the federal government will determine whether they can be released back into the wild.  He says it could take months or a year.  (Info taken from Orlando Sentinel)

The Bad…

The fishermen in Taiji were able to lure a pod of 20-22 pilot whales into The Cove on Saturday.  They were held tightly in nets in the cove for 2 days while waiting for those from the captivity industry to take their pick.  Three pilot whales were chosen for captivity including 2 juveniles.  These three were moved to a separate holding area while their family was brutally slaughtered Sunday morning.  It was reported that pilot whale meat brings in big money.
Pilot whales are actually not whales but larger members of the dolphin family.

Monday a pod of approximately 25 bottle-nosed dolphins were corralled into the cove awaiting their fate.  Tuesday, they were joined by another pod, separated by a net.

The Japanese kill these animals to consume the meat as a food source.  Besides the fact that killing these intelligent animals in such an inhumane way is just wrong, studies have shown that dolphin and small whale meat is contaminated with high amounts of mercury, often thousands of times over the recommended level.  Radiation is also a concern following the nuclear accident there.

Even worse, the Japanese government is hiding these killings and the health risks from the Japanese people.

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Or contact the Japanese Embassy in your area to tell them that this is wrong:


  1. Poor souls...what a horrific way to die.

  2. You are a very broad-minded individual, Heather, the way you stretch beyond your microcosm and take up causes. Well done.

  3. Good news for the pilot whales in Florida it sounds like they will be well cared for while they recover and hopefully be able to return to the wild. Terrible news about the whales and dolphins in Japan I hope they stop this very soon it seems very senseless.

  4. There's a lot of brutality going on out there. It's terrible.