Friday, June 15, 2012

Being the Perfect Ex

So they've moved on and found someone else. But if you really want them back you're going to have to work for it- even if that means a few changes. But do you really, really want someone back who didn't love you the way you were? Do you really want someone back who's already broken your heart? Aren't you sick of being a masochist? Maybe being the perfect ex means moving on. The perfect new love may be just waiting in the wings. Oops, is he/she being the perfect ex and just using you while trying to win the ex back? Your story/poem! You deal!

I rushed to the laptop first thing in the morning.  I had vegetables to harvest, goats and cows to milk, chickens to gather eggs from, pigs to gather truffles from.  I had to build another barn, a bigger barn.  I had to help my neighbors.
I quickly plant another crop, careful to plant something that I could harvest at lunch, or after grocery shopping.  I needed coins!  I needed neighbors!  I needed “gifts” to build more buildings. 
Bigger tractors, bigger chicken coops, more, more, more!
I rush into my office during lunch, quietly not to draw attention, and hover over my computer.  I MUST HARVEST! 
A meeting runs late.  NO!!!  My crops are all going to die.  All of my precious coins gone to waste.
Oh, and there’s the dog too.  I need to buy more treats so that he can do more tricks.
And tasks!  Will I finish in time for the free gift?
Staring at the screen…”ready to harvest in 2 minutes”, it says.  How taunting.  Slowly they grow from seedlings into a beautiful crop of flower or vegetables.
More land, more coins, more, more, more!
Then, I look out the window in my office and see the weeds growing in my own yard.  The leaves that need to be raked.  The empty space perfect for growing crops of my own.
What am I doing?  Consumed with a “farm” that doesn’t exist?
FARMVILLE, I’m sorry.  You were there when I needed you, but it’s over.  I have to break up with you.  My sanity is at stake.  I want more than you can give me.  Thank you for the great times, but…I need to write!

Deep down inside I know you will be there for me again if I need you, making you The Perfect Ex.

298 words/FCA


  1. First of all, thanks for visiting/adding my blog! So great to meet you! I'm glad somebody else is still visiting the blogs on that list! (Who had time during the event, lol?!)

    More importantly, I LOVED your post!!! I never played Farmville, but I had friends who were totally consumed with it, and your description of it was terrific! What a great and ever-so-clever pic for the challenge! Loved it!

  2. Hi Heather, that put a smile on my face. It's so nicely written making us think you are a real farmer to begin with. What a great take on the prompt.

    I've never played any of these types of games because I know I will become addicted.

  3. Hi Heather! Ohhh, how I can relate to this! Before I returned to writing after a 20 year hiatus, I was playing a lot of Facebook games including Farmville and enjoying myself. Now, I write every day and LOVE what I'm doing. Thank you for "following" me...I have returned the favor...;0)

    Donna L Martin

  4. haha i feel your pain--i too gave up farmville and farmtown for now!!

  5. My children are obsessed with Cafeland. They each run their own vertuell restaurant!
    Fun post!
    Anna's RFW #38

  6. lol... that is so funny. I never had time to delve into any of those.. and I'm glad. Good for you making the cut. After all, you should be writing. ;)

  7. LOL! This is brilliant! I know exactly what you mean. I once was addicted to Farmville, but then I gave up all those FB games and to resist the temptation removed the apps.

  8. Haha, how very clever and unexpected. I never tried Farmville---I could see its addictive power by the way I kept getting invites from my friends! This is a very lovely daisy you have here on your blog. :)

  9. You had me laughing my head off. I successfully avoided Farmville, but only after experiencing my own Sim City and The Sims addiction (just five minutes more, and two hours goes by...)

    Totally the perfect EX.

  10. LOL! Yep, been there! Very clever and funny post :)

  11. OMGosh Love it. :) Reminds me of a friend who is totally addicted to that game.

  12. Funny. I thought it was a real farm at first too. Never played it but have plenty of fb friends that do.

  13. Hahahaha lol! That's hilarious! I used to be obsessed with Farmville on FB too, but luckily I got over that :)

    About the prompt on my blog... entries can be submitted not a minute later than 11:59 pm Eastern Time on June 15th. (If you do post a day late though, I'm sure we could stretch that a little).

    Thanks for stopping by and following!

  14. LOL . . . that's Castleville for me . . .nevermore!

  15. Dear heather,
    Great story and great ending!!! You also have a GREAT imagination!!

  16. Heather, that's a fun take on the perfect ex theme, and a nifty little allegory as well. Thanks for the reminder that virtual is never as good as the real thing can be. :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  17. Hi Heather,
    Ah yes, "FarmVille", one of those um 'amazing' gaming applications on everyone's favourite social 'notworking' site, 'Farcebook'.
    Indeed, I lost a number of 'friends' to that application. Spent so much time checking out their harvest, they had no time for really important stuff such as my vital to their lives, profile updates.
    An 'Xceptionally' clever posting, Heather! :) Now then, you go do some more writing and darn it, have a lovely weekend.
    In kindness and some harvested potatoes, your way, Gary...

  18. *LOL* That was awesome! Every now and again I'll get caught up in a game like that. I use to be obsessed with the Sims. They had a much more exciting life than I did!

  19. ROFL... that was great.. I was reading it wondering were the ex part would come in. Very clever! :)


  20. At least Farmville can't say no when you want to relapse. Very funny piece! :)

  21. Hi Heather! What a funny take on the prompt. Loved it. I've resisted invitations to play Farmville. Not another addiction, lol! It took me til about halfway through before I started twigging this is not a real harvest.


  22. This post reminds me why I have played one game on here! :) Just checking in is time consuming enough. Hope your crops do well and your dog is an A student!

  23. This is so cute. Made me smile and think of how often I'm tempted to engage in other things, then decide to write. I enjoyed reading this.

  24. This is such a cool entry, you surely were talking of me...except it was castleville and the cooking game. I had to give up facebook games as it ate into my time but venture carefully, keeping my addicted self distracted with updates from friends.

  25. Haven't we all been there! There are many distractions to real life and writing. Clever - took a while for me to realise what was happening but added to my enjoyment. Love it.

  26. Excellent take on the ex theme! I think we can all relate to this on some level. Farmville, internet, TV... it all gets in the way of our writing. I'm sure you'll get over your ex in no time :)

  27. Hi Heather,

    Clever take on the theme. Can definitely relate to the addictive potential of some activities that one indulges in. Mine is comfort eating.

  28. LOL, I caught on right away; but I loved the whole concept here. Breaking up with our favorite past-times is like leaving a lover. I'm sure your yard and other aspects of your affairs appreciated your return to them. You could be "the perfect ex" by showing up in your real life.

    Well done Heather. I loved it.

    Thanks for participating in this week's RFW prompt, and for being so entertaining too.


  29. There are very many wonderful things you can do and discover on-line. But playing games that turn into obsessive addictions are not one of them. Congratulations in your new discovering. Tend you weeds, rake your leaves, but when you go back on-line do something which will earn you a greater reward than fictive coins.

  30. Hahahahhaha. Very creative! I've been addicted to Farmville myself, though I've moved on to more intense games like Diablo III! :D