Thursday, June 7, 2012

PhotoPrompt Monday part 2

Remember this creepy cellar door?

                                                 Photo provided by laura at Austanspace

OK, I left you hanging with my last photo prompt post, mainly because I didn't know where it would go either.  I wasn't feeling well  yesterday and stayed home from work, so I had lots of time to think about what they found in the cellar and why they were entering the house through the cellar in the first place.

If you missed the first post, you can find it here

And now for the sequel...

...a family of racoons! Will had barely set Kate down when one of them charged him, causing him to trip over a broom that had been leaning against the wall.  He quickly stood up as the raccoon rared up on his hind legs, raising his claws at Will.  His fur was standing straight up, making him look twice his actual size.  Kate shreiked! Her pulse was racing as she stood there panicked, not able to move.  Grabbing the broom, Will tried shielding them long enough for them to get out the door.

Kate knew this was a bad idea living out in the country!  There  had never been a threat of wildlife in her apartment in the city.  What has she gotten into???

From the sight of it, the racoons had taken over residency a while ago. They didn't look like they were in any hurry to leave.

Will realized the raccons must have come in the front door where one of the many old oak trees had come down. He had known about the tree, but didn't realize it had pierced a hole in the door.  The tree was blocking the front door, forcing them to enter through the creepy cellar. Will hadn't told Kate about the tree, hoping that it wouldn't be as bad as he had been told. She had been hesitant to be this far outside out town already. He had wanted this to be their special place, a place where they could grow together and start their own family, their new beginning.

"What are we going to do?", Kate asked Will, her voice shaking. She was exhausted and just ready to be home.

"I don't know", Will said, suddenly insecure about himself and how to take care of his new bride.

"I think there are leftovers in the car. Would that entice them out?", she asked. She thought she had remembered seeing something like that on TV one time. Somehow they HAD to get them out of the house, their house.

"Let's give it a try", Will said, relieved that she had an idea.

Kate gathered some foods as Will grabbed the broom. She stood out the door calling out to the raccons as Will went back in reluctantly.  He positioned himself behind them to keep them from resisting, encouraging them with the broom. It was dark in the cellar and Will was nervous. What if they turned on him? There was nowhere to run that he could see.

Kate held up the hotdogs, throwing a few small pieces inside to give them a teasing taste.  Relunctantly, they approached the pieces.  After sniffing, they devoured it.  It worked!  She then presented more outside the door.  The raccoons looked at them longingly but hesitated at first.  Kate broke off another couple smaller pieces, edging them closer to the door.  As she did, Will followed behind with the broom. 

As they finally went out the door, Will shut it tightly behind them with relief.  He could see Kate's shoulders relax and she too was relieved.  She looked up at Will smiling, then looked back at the raccoons.  Now that they weren't in the house, she noticed now cute they were. 

Will watched her with admiration as she took the rest of the hotdogs across the yard to a tree.  Even though their cute faces were starting to grow on her, she wanted them away from the house.  She hadn't said a word, not wanting to spook them.  Making deliberate steps, the raccoons followed eagerly.

Leaving them to eat their treat, and to hopefully explore their new home, Kate walked back over to Will.  "The raccoons seemed to think this was a good place to raise a family.  What do you think?", she said.
Will welled up with pride.  "Absolutely", he said.  "I can see already that you are going to be a terrific mother."

Now, Will just had to fix that front door!

Not what you were expecting?  I would love to hear your ending!


  1. Good work in getting all the photos into the story. Of oourse, the way I think, there would be something ELSE in the basement.

  2. Good story. We have been having problems with raccoons lately with them coming up on our deck and looking in the window at night. They trip on the light, and, oh my, they do give you pause.

    1. They are really cute but they can be a problem at times, and they aren't very cute and cuddly when they are mad!

  3. I may have missed the first part of this but I liked the comparing the raccoon family to the family they would raise one day. :)

  4. they would creep me out--i think they are cute and all--but i would worry, like i always do about wild animals--rabies----i too liked how you equated the family thing!

    1. Thanks Lynn. Yes they are cute but could be scary too, and rabid :0

  5. Nice ending! Sweet and heartwarming. Like how you worked in the explanation of why he chose the cellar door.

    I wasn't expecting raccoons, lol! My mind was expecting something more supernatural and scary. It's probably a sign I'm hopelessly warped... ;^)

    1. HA HA! That picture called for something a little more supernatural and scary but I don't have it in me :) I will leave that for you!

  6. That was a clever way to lure them out. It's also a sweet story when I was expecting something sinister.

  7. This was so innocent and purely written. I was expecting some psycho story about what was sleeping down there for hundreds of years.. but i guess not!! Hahaha. Good writing, and god bless.

    -Tony Salmeron
    Tree Removal Charlotte