Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 8 - Build

Today is mid-way through Jeff Goins' Great Writers' series. Throughout this series I have only been giving highlights.  To get more information including additional links, etc check out the challenge link above

Today is all about The Difference Between Starting and Building

Jeff explains the fundamental difference between starting something and actually building it.

“Building” something creatively happens the same it does in the “real” world — with a lot of sweat and pain and grunting. It’s not easy; if it is, you’re doing it wrong.

So what does this look like when it comes to writing? It means showing up and doing the work, day-in and day-out. If you’re not doing this already, you need to be.

Why do we need discipline?
Jeff tells us that we need discipline because one discipline begets another. Take up the habit of jogging or working out and just see how it affects the way you approach the rest of life.

Because it’s good for you. If you take writing seriously, you’ll do serious (i.e. better) work.

Today's challenge:
So let’s build something. You don’t need to start another project you’ll never finish. You already probably have enough of those. Instead, I want you to do something truly creative:
He wants us to finish something. Anything, really. Just pick a project — an essay, a blog post, maybe even a book — and finish it. Not tomorrow. Today.
It should never take longer than 30 minutes to finish anything. If it does, you’re not breaking the project up into enough chunks. Which will lead to stalling, your worst enemy.
Find something and move it across the finish line. Then do the same thing tomorrow. And the day after that. And so on.
If you’re still doing this in a month, you’re building something. Until then, you’re just managing tasks. Pick a few that are worth your time, and keep with them. Your work deserves this.

For a Bonus assignment he wants us to
Pick a handful of people (no more than 20, but no fewer than two) and ask them to come “onboard” for a project you’re working on. What do you do with this team once you’ve assembled it? Anything you want.
Use this group to launch a book or proofread a piece or test your website. Start a conversation on a blog or in a coffee shop and find ways for everyone to help each other. Whatever you do, be specific. You’ll get what you ask for.

To conclude: A writer doesn’t just start things; she finishes them. Do this enough, and you actually build something worth paying attention to

Personally I have had an extremely busy week at work with a looming deadline today, so I have not been doing much building.  I am hoping that I can start getting back to it now that the deadline is over.   

I have truly enjoyed this challenge but the timing has not been good for me.  I am not giving up though, just resetting!  Would anyone be willing to proofread/critique for me when I have something down?

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  1. Wow. I really need to do this!! I have so many rough drafts that have never seen the light of day to finish them. Great challenge.