Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 11 - Provoke

Today is Day 12 of Jeff Goins' Great Writers series and today's topic:  PROVOKE

Jeff reminds us that writing is an art and all good art pushes buttons. It pokes and prods, makes people uncomfortable. This is why writing makes a difference.

Stop playing it safe and provoke us, already.
Jeff says that if you’re going to be a great writer, you’re going to have to shake things up. Maybe even break a few rules.

He gives us a few ideas:
Tell the ugly truth.
Pick a fight with something that’s wrong with the world.
Call yourself out.
Make a giant confession.
Take a risk.
Write something dangerous (something you’ve never written before)

Write something that gets under our skin, that tests our nerves. Provoke us.

Why do we do this?
To get people out of their comfort zones so they can grow
To set others free.  To live freely and honestly
The challenge
Take a risk. Write something provocative and stand by it. 
Write something bold, something that moves us.

This is going to take some thinking on my part.  I have to admit it scares me a little to think of doing this on purpose.  I do have some controversial feelings about things but I don't usually write about them.  It takes guts!  So I am going to have to suck it up and just do it.

What about you? 


  1. I'm very careful about subject matter, language and such since I work in the education field. Still, I've addressed one or two uncomfortable topics and slimy characters. I'll leave the flammable material for when I'm retired!

    1. I have to be careful also working in the social services field so I understand.

  2. I tend to be cautious too. But, I do value authenticity in my writing. I think you can be honest, but not necessarily provocative. This is a great series. Thanks for sharing. I'm checking it often, just not often commenting. :-)

  3. This sounds like homework from Fight Club!
    Interesting, but I didn't need the advice: I love to provoke!