Wednesday, June 20, 2012

PhotoPromt Monday

Photo submitted by thefeatherednest

Joe sped home from work on the winding back roads when it dawned on was his anniversary!  How could he have forgotten?  He would be in the doghouse for sure!

As he rounded the next corner he came across a small stand of flowers for sale.  They were simple, not like the dozens of roses and baby's breath that he would normally buy, but maybe Shannon would realize it was the thought that counts.  He sure hoped so, even if it was a last minute thought!

Joe chose the prettiest batch available and headed out.  But wait...he didn't have a card.  He went digging through his car for anything that could be thrown together.  That's right!  The kids left their markers in here over the weekend.  Grabbing the red one he took out a pad that he left in the paper and wrote out silly coupons of chores and favors that he would do for her.  Starting with taking her to dinner tonight, the rest of the list included a few nights of babysitting, breakfast in bed, that vacation she had wanted to take, and a few other unmentionables.

When Joe walked in the door with the small flowers and handmade coupon book, Shannon wondered what was going on.  After a few passing seconds she realized Today was their anniversary!  She had completely forgotten with the kids being sick.  Now she will be spending the next year making up for it.