Thursday, June 21, 2012

My So-Called Teenage Life

Today is the My So-Called Teenage Life Blog Hop

June 21, 2012

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We'll all be hopping around peeking into each others private teenage lives on June 21. Can you imagine a better way to spend the first day of summer?

*Didn't write in a journal or compose poetry as a teenager? Have no fear! Counterfeit entries are welcome! Pretend you're a teenager and write whatever you feel. Just make sure you're using your teenage voice.

And if you're still a teenager, hey, you're going to basically rock this blog hop.

School was a buzz that morning and I felt as if all eyes were on me.  What was going on?
“Hey, I think Bill wants to ask you out”, Teri said.
“What?”, I asked dumbfounded.  Bill and I had been friends for the past couple years along with a few others in our immediate clique.  I had never even considered a romantic relationship with him, partly because of my age and partly because I was just a naïve tomboy.
As our friends started to gather, Bill came up to me more nervous than I had ever seen him.  His request was about as romantic as our relationship.  “Do you want to go out to a movie Saturday night?”, he swallowed hard as the words came out of his mouth.
“Uh, sure”, I answered not really knowing what I was saying.
For the rest of the day I tried to wrap my head around this thought.  I had no idea he considered me anything other than his tomboy friend.   This needed some consideration.  I don’t even know how to act!
As I approached my parents, they quickly shut down the potential.  “You know you can’t date until you’re 16”, they both said sternly, without any thought.  I was only 6 months away!  They never did like Bill.  They didn’t understand him.  They didn’t really know him.
“But why?”, I cried.

”Because we said so.  You’re not old enough”, they said as if there was some magic button that parents push to give you these lines?  It just came no naturally.
When Saturday night came around, instead of going on my date, my parents decided a nice family trip to the mall would make up for it.  UGH!  Another one of their rules during my childhood was that I couldn’t get my ears pierced until I was 16 either.  After showing them the racks and racks of pierced earrings compared to the little, teeny section of clip-ons they finally let me get my ears pierced that night. 
By the time I turned 16, Bill and I were still close friends.  We went out a few times but it never amounted to anything.  My ears, however, are still pierced.


  1. So... true story or fiction?

    I like the last paragraph. Shows how the things that seem so big in high school, are not.

  2. sounds about right--high school!

  3. Ha!!! Fantastic. I actually just wrote a book about a guy and a girl who are friends but never get it together to actually date even though they'd be perfect for each other. Thanks for participating.

  4. I've always wondered why 16 was the magical year.

  5. I'm pretty sure I lived this experience when I was sixteen.

  6. I don't remember if my parents had any rules about what age I could date at, though it would've been moot anyway, seeing as how I didn't get my first and only real boyfriend till I was 28. I was that weird teen who thought it was a good idea not to date till age 18 anyway. I was so naïve, particularly considering my characters were dating a lot earlier than 18!

  7. My parents didn't let me go on dates until I was sixteen, either, so I totally understand. I don't think I really wanted to, though. I mean, I wanted to "go out" with boys, but that didn't mean dating, exactly. It was more like everyone recognizing you as a couple and hanging out after youth group. ha ha!

    Thanks so much for participating! This was fun! :)

  8. I tell my kids the same thing. =) Great post.

  9. Why is 16 the magical year? I blame it on Hollywood. However, I do think it should be 18 now that I have a son that age. When he's 18, I'll think it should be 21. :)

  10. Our son is almost 15 and I think I'd have rather sent him to the movies with a girl three years ago than one year from now! The twelve year old daughter--yeah, I'd rather send her now too (and of course I'd sit a few rows back!)

  11. Love these stories, and seriously digging this blog hop! It's nice to meet you!

  12. My parents had the same rules, but fortunately my oldest sister (after waiting until 16for everything) argued for her two younger sisters to get to do things like ear piercing and dating earlier.

  13. I didn't get my ears pierced until I was eighteen. But it was because I was afraid of needles. Still, I totally remember feeling like nothing EVER happened until I turned sixteen.