Friday, June 22, 2012

PhotoPrompt Monday

Photo submitted by Susan at thecontemplativecat

The boxes were unpacked and Amanda decided it was time to do some exploring.  Jordan had been quiet during the move and she knew he had a lot on his mind.  Some fresh air would be good for them both.

As they walked down the street of their new town, Jordan stopped on the bridge looking in the water. 
"What are those?", he asked, watching the fish splash below.  Jordan was fascinated by their bright orange, black and white colors.

"Those are Koi", she answered solemnly.  Koi were the symbol of love and prosperity.  After the divorce, she was left with a child and not enough money to care for him.  How were they going to make it?

"Can we go see them?", Jordan asked.

"Sure, honey", she said, trying to shake off her hopeless feeling.

As they walked down to the water, they saw a man about Andrea's age carrying a small child in one arm and a picnic basket in the other.

"Hi!", the man smiled as they got closer.  Andrea looked into his deep blue eyes and felt as if she could see the entire world.

"Hi", she answered shyly.

"I'm Sam and this is my daughter, Eva", he said bouncing his daughter in his arm.  "You must be new around here."

"Yes, I'm Andrea and this is my son Jordan", she said, looking down to avoid those eyes.  "We just moved here from the city.

"Well, Jordan", Sam leaned down.  "Would you like to feed the Koi?"

Jordan nodded his head slowly as Sam reached in his basket, pulling out a bag of bread.

"This is their favorite", Sam said as he held out the bag.  "Eva and I come here every afternoon to feed them.  It has been the only thing to keep her mind off of her mother moving away last year."

Andrea watched Sam interact so natually with Jordan, thinking to herself that maybe Koi do bring love and prosperity.


  1. Now there's a hopeful story. Lovely.

  2. Cute. Is it wrong that I was expecting the guy to be evil?

  3. I like the choice of Koi as a sort of good omen for the two :-)