Wednesday, June 13, 2012

PhotoPrompt Monday

Thank you to Arlene at Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe for submitted this great photo of her daughter this week!

"Hurry!  Take the picture!", I say through clenched teeth.  My knees are shaking from the realization that I am over a thousand feet up.  I can't breathe.  I just want to sit and catch my breath...away from this rock...on solid ground.

"Look at the beautiful view", he shouts. 

"I can't"  My voice is shaking almost as much as my knees.  I need to get off this rock, quickly!

As he snaps the picture I scramble to get down off the rock.  My knees start shaking and I feel myself falling.  NO!

I think I'm screaming but I'm not hearing anything.  I can't see anything either.  Time seems to stop.

The next thing I know, I feel his strong, solid arms around me.  He comes up the rock, sets me down, and holds me tight.  "It's ok".

I feel myself relax and fall deeper into him.  I can't even move.  My feet are sore from rocks in my shoes, my shins are screaming at me, and my knees are wondering what happened.

"Ready to go back down?"

I groan as I get back onto my feet.  He slowly guides me back to solid ground.  With my footing again, I am rejuvenated.  I can do this!

Before heading down, I look over the rock.  What an amazing sight...from a distance


  1. Heights are not my thing. I can really relate to your story.

    1. Mine either, although I do like to hike. I meant to ask you where this was taken? It looks beautiful

  2. Oh, I like the story. I probably wouldn't have even gotten close to the rock, let alone stand on it.

  3. This reminds me of times in which I've gone high to snap someone's picture or be snapped. Great story.

  4. He wouldn't have gotten me up there in the first place. You want a photo of me, take it on solid ground lol. Great story.

  5. wow i couldn't do that--good story!

  6. I loved the part when he grabs her in his strong arms.. <3


  7. I'd be shaking like a leaf up there too! You really captured the PhotoPrompt! Julie

  8. Nice posting. I am afraid of heights so even seeing the picture made my stomach drop :) Good description