Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for Guitar

The guitar is one of my favorite instruments to listen to.  There are so many varieties of guitars and music played by guitars.

Acoustic guitars have been used for over a thousand years.  Finger picking is usually used for these hollow bodied guitars.
The electric guitar was introduced in the 1930s with the assistance of an amplifier and players mainly use a plastic pick to strum the strings.  Pickups are used to carry the sound.
The different varieties of guitars are countless.

Guitars generally have 6 strings and the player uses frets to find their position on the neck.  Frets are metal strips that are divided on the neck using a mathmatical equation to equally divide the scale.

All of us have heard guitars.  Below are a couple of my favorite guitarists.  Who are your favorites?

The first video is Steve Vai, my all time favorite guitarist playing "Glorious"

This is Eric Johnson playing "Cliffs of Dover".  A friend of mine in college called this "The Happy Song" and it has stuck with me.

OK, one more.  This is that same friend playing a cover of Erruption from Van Halen.  Pretty good, huh?  The band's name is Green Vegas.


  1. Wow, your friend is impressive!!!

  2. My husband works from home and plays guitar on his breaks. I spend a lot of times with guitars!

    1. Oh, I would love that! It's such a peaceful instrument to listen to

  3. I could never play this instrument. I tried once I also cannot drive a stick shift vehicle. Sad huh? My cousin could play tho and I loved watching her play wishing that I could

  4. My daughter is teaching herself how to play the guitar. She needs to read your post - it had a lot of interesting information.

    Nice "G" instrument,
    Michelle :)

  5. I played a bit when I was younger. I started on the acoustic. The first song I learned was Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. I learned it by playing the record (yeah, this was long before cds)bit by bit, over and over until I had every note.
    I tried electric but eventually went back to acoustic. I wish I had stuck to it.
    One of my favorite guitar player is Jimi Hendrix.

    Great "G" post

    1. I think Stairway to Heaven is a classic for people to learn to play. In local music stores, there is a sign on the practice room door asking NOT to play it. Great song but very popular.
      The great things about learning any instrument is that you can play them for a lifetime. It's never too late to go back

  6. I played guitar when I was young, too! Callouses on my fingertips and all that... I loved it and have lately thought about playing again.

  7. It is my greatest goal in life to learn to play the guitar, despite the fact that I'm musically challenged. It's the most beautiful instrument when played well.
    Great post and happy A-Z blogging.

  8. gosh, that is on my bucket list; learn to play the guitar. I'm so jealous of anyone who is able to do that...great g word!

  9. I agree with "Cliffs of Dover" being a happy song.

    I'm on a huge Kansas kick right now, so I am enjoying Kerry Livgren's work quite a bit.