Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for Tuba

Of the three instruments I could've talked about today (trumpet, trombone and tuba),  the tuba is the most fun.

The tuba is the largest and the lowest pitched brass instrument.  They are made in 4 different pitches and range from 12-18ft long.  The tubas made to sit on a person's lap are known as concert tubas or simply tubas.  the tubas that wrap around a person's body are known as Sousaphones, named after John Phillip Sousa.

Tubas have either piston valves or rotary valves and range from either 3-6 valves.  Most sousaphones have 3 valves.

Here is one of my favorite pieces...Gustav Holst Suite in F.  ENJOY :)


  1. I had a friend who played the Tuba. I tried to just blow into it once with a fail at the end. Hard instrument to play well for me anyway

  2. Who knew such elegant music could come from such a large instrument? Lovely tune.

  3. The tv series has begun again - to find the young musician of the year, we've had the piano, last week was the brass, now looking forward to the string contestants, they are all such amazing children.

  4. Hi, Heather!

    I've always liked the sound of the tuba!

    Those guys carried it as if its light as a feather.

    I just like to close my eyes and really hear the instruement - which is what im doing! Nice!

  5. I"m guessing that one of my boys is going to wind up with the tuba, not sure why. The other, the harp.

  6. Sounds a little melancholy to me, but maybe that's just the piece. Looks like you have to be pretty strong to play the tuba!

  7. Jennifer, that's how that piece is typically played but it is very difficult for a tuba. Usually it is played by smaller, more agile instruments