Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for Jug

Yes I know...the past couple days have been a stretch, but also an experience.  There are just not many instruments that begin with the letter "J".  So, now for something completely different....The Jug

A Jug as a musical instrument reached the height of it's popularity in the 1920s.  The jug is a glass or stonewear jug played with the mouth with an embouchure like a brass instrument, buzzing the lips.  The jug does not actually touch the players mouth, but acts as a resonating chamber.

Although the jug is used primarily as an acoustic instrument, they have been known to be played amplified from time to time.  Snoop Dog is reportedly a modern day jug player.  Who knew???


  1. Greetings!

    Interesting information regarding the - Jug! Enjoyed being informed!

  2. I did have to laugh at this instrument. The local Senior Center here has a little band called "the Kitchen Band" and they play household instruments and of course one is the jug. It's fun to watch them play

  3. Never knew its name. A fun post. :0)

  4. I could do a mean east coast swing to that song. Stop by my blog and you will see.

  5. Your theme choice for this A to Z Challenge offers details that are informative AND fun to read! Jug playing takes a lot of lung power! Theme: A World of Crime

  6. You have an ambitious theme going here. Very creative!

  7. I think this is my favorite so far! :)
    By the way, I live just outside of Sarasota on the west coast. I lived in central Florida in Ocala before I moved here.

  8. When I was very young (perhaps 4 or 5), my grandparents took me up into the mountains of Virginia to visit some cousins who were so far out on the family tree, their branch back to us was hardly more than a thin whip of bark. After dinner, these distant relatives took up all manner of seemingly discarded household items: a comb, a large stew pot, an old laundry tub, and -- yep -- a crockery molasses jug. The music they played was unlike anything you've ever heard. I think there may have been Blue Ridge Magic in that music, and I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that it couldn't be captured and recorded anyway.

    Thank you for reminding me of that strange and wonderful evening. =)

    1. That sounds like a truly authentic evening. What a fun experience that would be!

  9. you're reaching! :)

  10. Hey I like your theme! Musical instruments! I'm sticking to music as well. Nice to drop by your blog! :)