Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for Mellophone and Mandolin

OK, "M" is another letter that I couldn't choose just one instrument.  I have played the Mellophone and I want to play a Mandolin.

The mellophone is a brass instrument, used to replace the French horn in marching.  It is different from the French horn in that its bell faces the front and it uses piston valves instead of rotary valves.

This video is the Ohio State mellophone section playing Kansas' Carry On My Wayward Son

The mandolin is a string instrument in the lute family.  The soundboard comes in many different shapes but typically the round or teardrop shaped.  Modern mandolins originated from Naples, Italy in the late 18th century.  They have 4 pairs of metal strings.

This is a solo by Chris Thile from the band Nickel Creek


  1. Great picks for today. I don't think I had ever heard of a mellophone.

  2. Mandolins are so pretty. Don't know why we don't hear them more often.

  3. Once again, an instrument I have never heard of before. Good show!

  4. Since I was an orchestra person, I didn't know about the different type of French Horn. Very fascinating.

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  5. I'm not familiar with either of these two instruments but based on the descriptions and the videos you posted, I think I might like the Mandolin more than that Mellophone.

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  6. I'm a big fan of the mandolin. I love the feeling it evokes.

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  7. Great job! Mellophones performing Kansas? I have to check out that video! (I accidentally put this comment in the wrong place the first time.)

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  8. Both are beautiful instruments--loved hearing the mellophone in my high school marching band! Just dropped by from the AtoZ Challenge.

  9. A mandolin always makes me think of exotic locales with a little bit of a nostalgic vibe thrown in. :)